Where do I begin with this amazing project?  This pattern changed the way I crochet, and really set me on a path to the crochet addict I am today.

When I started crocheting, I learnt (as most people do) to do a basic granny square. And I took that knowledge and started experimenting with different yarns and hook sizes etc.  But I pretty much stuck to basic granny square style stitch.  Until I found Sophie’s Universe!

in 2016, I was a new Mum, I had a one year old daughter and I was looking for something I could do for me!  So I decided to give crochet a go again.  I joined a few facebook groups and in one of those, I saw it… Sophie’s Universe. 

Sophie’s Universe is a pattern designed by Dedri from Look at What I Made.  It was the 2015 Crochet A Long for Scheepjes.  

When I first saw this pattern, I wasn’t sure I would be able to pull it off, but thankfully for me, there is also an entire video series from Esther at It’s All In a Nutshell.  These videos were fantastic and using them along with the pattern instructions, I found I was starting to get a handle on the pattern. 

My first Sophie’s Universe took me approximately five years (I was working it on and off over that time).  For a while I used it as a blanket, but the cheap yarn wasn’t holding up too well, so I had a brainwave one day and turned it into a wall hanging.

This beautiful wall hanging now hangs pride of place over our bed and I absolutely love it!  

The centre square of this pattern is called Sophie’s Garden.  I love the way that the Universe portion changes the orientation a number of times before bringing it back out to square again. 

I have made Sophie’s Garden a number of times, I made a couple of them as baby blankets.  I even did to the end of Part 1 as a fascinator for my hair once. 

This year (2020) marks Sophie’s Universe’s 5th birthday.  To celebrate Dedri and Scheepjes held another Crochet A Long.  This has led to me starting not one but two new Sophies.  One in Scheepjes Colour Crafter in really earthy tones.

The second is out of Colour Crafter Velvet – this one is going to be a similar colour way to the Bamboo Soft way that was released as part of the birthday celebrations.  

I will share my progress on both of these projects as we go along.

Check out my gallery for pictures of my other Sophies.

I just want to finish by saying a massive thank you to Dedri and Esther for everything they have done to help my crochet journey.  This beautiful pattern will always hold a VERY special place in my heart.

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